University hospitals reassure Egyptians and reveal their capabilities to tackle the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In light of the rapid spread of the new Corona virus in the countries of the world, university hospitals announced the lifting of the state of emergency and maximum preparedness to face the Corona virus, which threatens the lives of millions, and it became necessary for the state institutions to come together to face this crisis, and the capabilities of university hospitals to face the Coronavirus

35,825 beds.

3959 intensive care bed.

431 beds for intensive care for children.

3754 Ventilator.

838 nurseries.

So, what is the total manpower in university hospitals, to counter the Coronavirus:

1524 Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

460 specialty chest diseases.

401 specialty endemic diseases.

846 specialty analyzes.

768 diagnostic radiology specialties.

The total of doctors: 3999 doctors.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced the opening of a donation for those wishing to give their alms and zakat to face this pandemic.

● National Bank of Egypt customers can donate through: -

- National Bank of Egypt branches.

- ATM machines.

- Ahly Net.

● Customers of other banks can donate by:

- National Bank of Egypt branches.

- ATM machines

- Mobile or Internet Banking for its bank.

- The required data: -

The bank's name: The National Bank of Egypt.

Account name: The Supreme Council of University Hospitals.

Account number: 111111

Branch Name: Choose any branch or writing (001).

Branch address: Any title or writing is chosen (Al Ahli Bank - Corniche El Nil).


Reason for transfer: Donation   
  • Apr 7, 2020