A press release about the case of a doctor of excellence in the fourth unit at DamerdashGynecology and Obstetrics Hospital

 It’s on Friday, corresponding to 3/4/2020 at 12:00am, the doctor residing in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology informed the infection control team that the excellence doctor had proven positive of Covid-19 at the Ministry of Health and that he was detained at Agouza General Hospital, after he was present to perform his work in the birth booth for the fourth unit cases on Wednesday, 4/4/2020 and until the early hours of Thursday morning, April 2/2020, in order to take the necessary action, the following has been done:-
  1. The preventive medicine sector at the Ministry of Health was contacted at exactly one o'clock in the morning to confirm the positive analysis of the excellence doctor and indeed it stated that his name is included in the statements of positive cases he and some members of his family, and that the father of the excellence doctor, a pharmacist, had gone to the Fever Hospital on Wednesday, 4/4/2020 after he suffered from a health problem, and after withdrawing his swabs, the result was positive for Covid-19 on Thursday 2/4/2020.
  2. The Ministry’s surveillance team went to collect samples for all family members, and the results were positive for the franchise doctor and his brother, on Friday, 3/4/2020, and accordingly they were isolated in Agouza General Hospital, and accordingly the Hospital Administration did the following: -
  1. Closing the fourth unit completely and not receiving new cases in it until the results of the personnel analysis appear.
  2. Clean and disinfect the entire hospital and sprinkle it with disinfectants, using the equipment and trained teams.
  3. Stopping work in clinics and receiving cases for the department in which the doctor of privilege worked, which was scheduled to be revealed on Saturday 4/4/2020 until the results of the analyzes appear.
  4. All contacts of the doctor were confined to the places where he was, such as patients, doctors, nursing, workers and administrators, and they were 79 contacts to examine the presence of Virus Covid-19 on Saturday 4/4/2020 to the central laboratories. All results were negative today, Sunday, at 3:00 pm in.
  5. A further 69 additional samples were completed for the hospital staff, despite the lack of direct contact with the doctor, and an analysis was made for them at the Ain Shams Specialist Hospital reference laboratory, pending the results.
  6. The names of the patients who were visiting the birth booth were listed on Wednesday 1/4 | 2020 from those who went out after recovery or follow-up until the date of informing us of the injury of the franchise doctor.
  7. Follow-up and affirming the commitment of all employees to wear personal condoms and the implementation of all infection control policies by all employees and visitors to the hospital.
  8. Some contacts who were found to be negative as a result of their analyzes were granted leave until all were re-analyzed after three days to ensure negative results.

Ain Shams University administration pledges to be fully transparent in disclosing any facts that may arise related to the new Corona epidemic, and to exert maximum efforts in Ain Shams University hospitals and support all state institutions in confronting this epidemic and the exceptional circumstances in the country and the world as a whole.

  • Apr 7, 2020